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2019-05-22 Wed IELTS 8 Test 3
2019-05-24 Fri IELTS 13 Test 1
2019-05-29 Wed IELTS 8 Test 4
2019-05-31 Fri IELTS 13 Test 2
2019-06-05 Wed IELTS 7 Test 1
2019-06-07 Fri IELTS 13 Test 3
2019-06-12 Wed IELTS 7 Test 2
2019-06-14 Fri IELTS 13 Test 4
2019-06-19 Wed IELTS 7 Test 3
2019-06-21 Fri IELTS 14 Test 1 準備中
2019-06-26 Wed IELTS 7 Test 4
2019-06-28 Fri IELTS 14 Test 2 準備中

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2019-05-20 Mon Some say that people should continue to work in the same job for a lifetime, while others say they should change the job at least once in their career. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.
2019-05-23 Thu Some people think that certain things taught in school are a waste of time, but others don’t agree with this statement. Discuss both points of view and give your own opinion.
2019-05-27 Mon Nowadays the crime rate is increasing, especially among teenagers. What are the reasons behind it? How can we reverse this trend? What punishment methods should be used?
2019-05-30 Thu Some people think that planning for future is a waste of time. They believe it is more important to focus on the present. Do you agree or disagree?
2019-06-03 Mon People nowadays sleep less than they used to in the past. What do you think is the reason behind this? What are the effects on individuals and people around them?
2019-06-06 Thu Some people say that the government should make public transportation free for all users. To what extent do you agree or disagree with it?
2019-06-10 Mon Competitive sports like football are considered to add a lot of value by bringing people of different age and nationality together. Yet some argue that these sports divide people based on age groups and nationalities. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
2019-06-13 Thu Some people say that cooking food at home is a waste of time. They claim that good restaurants are better and can make modern living easier and less stressful. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?
2019-06-17 Mon Giving money to poorer countries does not solve poverty. What do you think is a good way of assisting poor countries in solving poverty, other than financial aids from rich countries?
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2019-06-24 Mon リクエスト受付中

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