Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

All contents on the website https://ielts.jp, https://ielts-online.jp (the “Website”) and https://student.ieltsplusonepoint.com (the “Student Portal”) is run by Plus One Point Pty Ltd (“PlusOnePoint”). By signing up to the online course, you agree to these terms and conditions.

1. Lesson Bookings and Cancellations
All lessons must be booked through the Student Portal prior to the class. Cancellations must also be made through the Student Portal. Cancellation attempts via phone, email, internet forms or other methods will not be accepted. Check the relevant information regarding the deadline for cancellations on the Student information page.

2. Course Duration
Once enrolled, every student will have a set duration to complete the course. The course completion date is displayed on the Student Portal. Although it is recommended to complete the course within the set period to achieve effective results, students can purchase additional weeks onto the course to carry-over their remaining classes and extend their course duration. This additional purchase must be made before the original course completion date. If this is not adhered to or the payment is not processed in time, it will be processed as a termination of the course and no backtracking can be made.

3. Internet Connection
Besides the classroom lessons, all online classes are conducted through SKYPE. All students must ensure to have a compatible computer and stable internet connection. It is strongly recommended that all students new to SKYPE complete a test-call before the lesson to check that the settings are suitable to take classes.

4. Lesson Cancellation and Extension of classes
Lessons will not be cancelled or extended in any case except for in the following two cases:
(1) There is a technical issue with the employee’s computer or SKYPE, and time exceeding one-third of the total proposed lesson time is disrupted for all students.
(2) When SKYPE issues an official notice of system failure.

5. Deferment
PlusOnePoint does not offer an option for deferments. Take the steps outlined in “2. Course Duration” to extend your course duration.

6. Course Termination
If you do not renew your enrolment before the course completion date, your membership will be automatically terminated. If you do not extend the duration of your course or the payment is not processed in time, your enrolment will be terminated and no backtracking can be made.

7. Enforced Termination
Upon warning, PlusOnePoint reserves the right to enforce the termination of your course enrolment with any of the following acts of infringement:
(1) Actions which cause trouble to other students
(2) Any form of abuse directed at PlusOnePoint or its employees.

8. Refund Policy
All matters are governed under Australian Law, and any refunds made after payments will be considered in accordance to the conditions outlined below. All requests for cancellation and refund must be submitted in writing.

The Refundable Amount paid by PlusOnePoint are:
1. If the written cancellation of the enrolment is received prior to the first lesson (First Assessment), the student is entitled to 80% of the refundable fees.
2. If written cancellation of the enrolment is received after the first lesson (First Assessment), the student is not entitled to a refund of any tuition or material fees unless:
a. The Managing Director deems that exceptional circumstances apply; or
b. The student has a legitimate complaint against PlusOnePoint that can be substantiated under the Consumer Protection Laws of the Commonwealth of Australia or the State of Queensland.

Note bank charges will be deducted from refunds made by overseas electronic transfer or bank draft. Some fees are non-refundable. These include the enrolment fee and transaction fee (3-5% of the total payment), and may include other non-tuition fees such as material membership fees.

Refunds will be processed and paid within eight (8) weeks of the receipt of the written notification. Refunds will be made either in Australian Dollars (AUD) via the internet payment system used for original payment or by bank transfer to an Australian bank account.

9. Transfer of Rights
Membership fee, tuition fee, all other handling fees cannot be transferred to a third person including family and friends.

10. Publication of Results and Graduate Comments
Your IELTS test results may appear on our website (anonymous or initialled). Please inform us in advance if you prefer otherwise. With permission, these may be accompanied by photos or full names.

11. Publication to our Materials page
Essays submitted to online writing classes and samples from speaking classes may be recorded and used on our materials page.

12. Change of Fees
PlusOnePoint may make changes to any product and services or the fees applicable to these products services at any time without notice.

13. Changes to the Terms of Use
Any changes to the Terms of Use will be notified on our website. It is deemed that you agree to the changes if there is no objection within 7 days of notification.